With the planet suffering at our hands, we all have a duty to reduce the amount of energy that we use. After all, the first world has become accustomed to a certain way of living and this means that we are using more energy than ever before. Here at Elevators Ltd, we believe that it is possible to become eco-conscious without sacrificing modern developments like the humble elevator. Read on to find out a few benefits of an environmentally friendly lift…

Modern Features

An elevator that has been designed with the environment in mind tends to come with a variety of high-quality modern features. For example, our eco-friendly lifts come with VVVF control which means that the motors use something called a ‘drive controller’ feature in order to implement variable speed and voltage and ensure that a suitable amount of energy is used for the load in question.

Saves Energy

The main focus of eco-friendly elevators is to save and conserve energy. After all, energy waste is why elevators can have such a negative impact on the environment. In fact, that is why our environmentally friendly lifts are fitted with something known as regenerative overlay; this means that any excess energy is relayed back into the grid so that it can be repurposed elsewhere in the building rather than being wasted.

Cost Effective

There is no denying that eco-friendly elevators are a much more expensive investment than a regular passenger elevator. With this said, it is important to remember that saving energy can actually help property owners save money in the long term and this makes them a cost-effective purchase. For example, these elevators come with a stand-by mode which shuts down the lighting, ventilation and indictor systems when the cab is not in use.

When it comes to energy consumption, it is easy to see that elevators use a considerable amount. After all, the mechanical features and lighting all need to be accounted for. Luckily, eco-friendly elevators can give back more than what is invested over time in order to repurpose the energy that would usually be lost as a by-product. To find out more information about our green elevators, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!