Although they may look the same, there are several distinct differences between a traditional passenger elevator and a service elevator. Here at Elevators Ltd, our cargo lifts are designed in order to withstand demanding and regular usage and allow warehouses and other cargo-holding properties to safely and securely transport goods between the different floors of a building. Read on as we go over the benefits that can be obtained from an investment in a cargo lift…

Are cargo lifts safe and reliable?

Designed in order to transport heavy goods, a cargo elevator has an impressive weight capacity of 2,300 – 4,500 kg which means that they are incredibly safe. After all, they may be large enough to hold passengers but people are prohibited from being transported by one in order to ensure that safety is maintained at all times and may only step foot on the platform in order to load and unload stock. Plus, their high weight capacity makes them incredibly reliable for use in a range of different industries.

How easy is the installation of a cargo elevator?

Although the mechanics may look incredibly intricate, the installation of a cargo lift is actually rather simple for an experienced professional. After all, a lot of time is typically spent carrying out safety checks in order to ensure that the finished product is fit for use; this is a necessary feature that must be carried out on all elevators but its particularly important for cargo lifts due to their high weight-capacity.

Is a cargo lift aesthetically pleasing?

Since cargo elevators are hidden from public view, there is no need for them to look particularly attractive. With this said, functionality is often reflected in the design of a product which is why our cargo lifts can be designed with aesthetics in mind. In fact, property owners can even choose from a range of different materials such as galvanised and epoxy painted steel sheets, false ceilings and even highly durable plastic flooring.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we want our commercial clients to benefit from the convenience of an elevator as much as any other industry. After all, cargo lifts may not be utilised by thousands of passengers every single day but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t made with aesthetics, functionality and performance in mind. To find out more, get in contact with the best lift company on offer and speak to a member of the team today!