Elevators are often thought of as a way to transport people between the different floors of a building, however many do not know that the same service can be extended to cars too. Just take the Volkswagen Autostadt Silos as an example. In fact, car parking platform elevators have been around for much longer than many people realise and are a very cost-effective way to increase the number of parking spaces that are available. Read on as we go over some of the benefits that a parking platform lift can offer…

How much spaces do car platform lifts create?

A car park platform elevator works by stacking two cars on top of one another using a safe and secure suspension system. This means that the average car park could provide double the number of available spaces to drivers and prevent parking problems in busy city centres. After all, a lot of extra space above parked vehicles is wasted and a car parking platform lift can provide a versatile and unique solution to this problem.

How safe are car parking platforms?

Many drivers are worried about the safety of their vehicle when utilising a car parking platform. After all, the car that is placed on the very top is suspended above the ground. With this said, these types of elevators are very secure and the platforms they are placed on are built with durability in mind which means that any vehicle loaded onto them is incredibly safe. In fact, utilising these platform lifts also prevents vehicular theft and vandalism because criminals simply cannot reach the car.

Are car parking lifts professional?

Although they offer a variety of different benefits, many business car parks avoid the implementation of car parking platforms simply because they are seen as an eyesore. After all, these elevators are made from strong metal and use a variety of components in order to rise and lower a vehicle which means they need a fair amount of space in order to operate safely. With this said, they also come in a variety of different colours and designs which means that architects can choose the most aesthetically pleasing and professional option with ease.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we may be known for our range of passenger lifts but we also have an exciting array of car parking solutions too. After all, governments are only able to extend a multi-story car park so high before they become unsafe for use. Luckily, a parking platform lift can be used in order to double the number of spaces available depending on the height of the car park in question. Plus, they can also be used residentially by homeowners! To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team about our range of car parking platform elevators today!