Statistics suggest that there are around 2 million people living in the UK who are registered blind or have partial vision loss. As a result, it is important to ensure that mechanical contraptions like elevators cater to the needs of every member of society equally. After all, we live in a very able-bodied society and this means that many businesses will install staircases without a second thought for the wheelchair bound or otherwise disabled. Read on as we go through a couple of important benefits that can be gained from the presence of braille in an elevator…

What is Braille?

Braille is a form of language crafted specifically for the blind or partially sighted by a man named Louis Braille in 1824. It used raised dots in order to create letters that can be traced with the finger in order to allow the blind to read and interpret signage.


Ever since the Equality Act of 2010 was passed, many elevators had to be redesigned in order to ensure that they catered to every member of society such as those with a wheelchair dependency or balance issue. One of these changes was also the implementation of Braille. After all, the language is very easy to place on the walls and buttons and helped make elevators much more disability friendly.


Another reason why Braille is a very popular addition to the interior design of the elevator is due to their ability to promote independence for the blind or partially sighted. After all, many people tend to go about their business without paying attention to others and do not always offer assistance so it can be hard for a blind person to find the necessary floor in an elevator. On the other hand, Braille can remove the reliance on a carer or strangers and promote independent travel.

Although an elevator can make it easier for those affected by vision loss to get around, a lack of braille can cause communication problems for those who use it. After all, braille is a language of its own and it allows people to live independently. To find out more information about our braille implementation, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!