The doppler parking lift is said to be the most ideal solution for maximising parking efficiency in commercial, public and residential car parks. After all, it uses hydraulic lifting cylinders and ropes alongside mechanical interlocks in order to stack vehicles on top of one another in and safe and efficient manner. Here at Elevators Ltd, we have a wide range of parking solutions, including doppler lifts, and in this blog we are going to over a few benefits that they can offer…

More Parking Spaces

A doppler parking lift uses robotics and sensors in order to move the vehicles that have been parked up around. In fact, the system effectively multiplies the number of parking spaces available at any given time because they are able to utilise the full height of a building, giving previously wasted space a new purpose.

Cost Effective

Interestingly, a doppler parking lift comes with a low installation cost which makes it a cost effective investment for the future. After all, as long as you look after the mechanics, it should last a long time without the need for dozens of expensive repairs. In fact, they are also relatively simple to install which means that you can save money because there is no need to pay out for additional construction.


When a car park is able to multiple the number of spaces available, there is always the possibility of additional revenue potential. After all, the profits will increase when you have more people parking their cars in your car park and the average doppler parking lift is said to double, if not triple, the spaces in a car park.

With over 70 million new cars hitting the road every year and congestion in busy city centre already at breaking point, it is important that we welcome innovative parking solutions, like doppler lifts, with open arms. After all, there simply isn’t enough room to build ground level car parks for every car that filters through a city. To find out more information about our car parking solutions, get in contact with the best lift company around at Elevators Ltd today!