There is nothing worse than stepping into an old looking lift that looks like an oversized empty metal tin. Your face automatically drops when you approach it and see the doors opening at a pace unimaginable to the human eye, to only be greeted with a smell that is similar to a public toilet; but you have no other choice other than to use it. As the doors close in on you, you are trapped in the rust bucket and with the squeaky sounds you hear whilst traveling, you pray that you make it out in one piece. You slowly open one eye and see a beam of light shining into the lift and let out a sigh, the sound of relief, as you see the doors opening and people outside. You also realise that you it would have been quicker to walk up the flight of stairs!

It’s elevators like this that require lift maintenance or even a new lift installation. Although it is a legal requirement that all lifts, even if it looks like an old rust bucket that will be lucky to reach the first floor, or brand new high spec one, it will require some maintenance. Elevators Ltd has been providing professional lift maintenance and lift installation for years, and our customer feedback has been exceptional. In fact, our customers have been praising us that much that they have recommended us.

So, if after reading this you think the lift in your building needs some form of lift maintenance or you just want one of our lift engineers to come out and take a look it, call Elevators Ltd today on 020 3468 3193.