Here at our lift company Sussex-wide, we’re always keeping an eye out for the latest trends in the industry – though more often than not we’ll be surprised by what our customers and clients look for when it comes to their own lift systems. One of those surprises came recently, when we received multiple enquiries about scenic lifts and how they can add that special something to a commercial property.

Seems like the perfect thing to share with you, from our lift company Sussex-wide to anyone interested in a lift installation that’s a cut above the rest – especially with regards to aesthetics!

The most popular inquiries we get about scenic lifts are those lifts which heavily incorporate glass in order to create a wide and open panoramic-style effect for all passengers that enjoy the ride. This obviously works best in locations where there’s plenty to see from the raised platform of one of our scenic lifts, though by using windows all of our scenic lifts can be made to feel much more luxurious and dramatically less closed in. The final effect is pretty stunning to look at, thanks to the professionals here at our lift company Sussex-wide.

Of course, scenic lifts aren’t so popular based solely on their looks! Especially with our team of highly experienced experts on hand to ensure everything is carried out correctly, you’re sure to find reliability, practicality and much more taking centre stage with all of the scenic lifts our lift company Sussex-wide is able to provide

On the whole, scenic lifts have a greater flexibility where their shaft design is concerned, allowing for more innovative solutions to safety and reliability without compromising how incredible they look. When you combine them with cutting edge features such as speed control, noise reduction, low energy usage and the very highest standards of security, the end result is definitely something to be considered. If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on scenic lifts, now is definitely the time!

If you’re in need of a leading lift company Sussex-wide to treat your property to something truly scenic and special, you need only pick up the phone and get in contact as soon as you can. After all, when it comes to providing top quality lift services such as lift maintenance, installation and more to do with scenic lifts, we’re the most reliable lift company Sussex can offer!