Unless you’re professionals in our industry, elevators can be dangerous and we’re not talking about the actual lift shaft here that takes you from one floor to another, we’re talking behind the scenes. Elevators Ltd are a professional lift company down in London and we have only the best and fully qualified engineers working for us. We can prevent problems from occurring and put the safety of the passengers first, but sadly, we can’t prevent people wanting to surf down an elevator. It sounds like something out of Jackass, but it’s highly dangerous and something that we do not recommend. Elevator surfing is when some crazy daredevil rides to the top of an elevator shaft as it’s travelling through the building and depending on how their adrenaline is going, they’ll often jump from one moving lift shaft to another. Our lift installation service wasn’t designed for someone to then ride up and down the moving elevator behind the scenes. It’s there to transport people from floor A to floor B, safely and promptly. Although this is a new daredevil craze in The States, please don’t try this at home and if you do see or hear of someone surfing down an elevator, please let us know. In the meantime, if you would like some more information about any of services including lift installation, please contact us today.