Elevators really are remarkable contraptions: a feat of engineering. First and foremost, they allow us to travel up multiple flights of stairs without breaking a single bead of sweat, and also save your employees time which could otherwise be spent more productively. With the introduction of the Microsoft HoloLens to the world of lift maintenance, it’s clear that elevators are part of an industry that just keeps evolving.

A couple of weeks ago, we took a quick look at several lifts around the world that were going that extra mile and really showing themselves off as the incredible machines that they are. These record-breaking lifts were rising to incredible heights, the oldest around or just downright massive in size. Well, now there’s a brand new lift in China that can join them on that record-breaking list.

Based in Shanghai, the aptly named Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world, and is by far Shanghai’s largest skyscraper. The building is 127-storeys tall and the full measurement of the building is an unbelievable 2,073ft- ultimately, it’s not exactly the kind of place you’d want to take the stairs.

Rather understandably, people that work in Shanghai Tower tend to make use of the elevator fairly regularly, and therefore it’s important that the owners of the building are ensuring it’s working to its full potential. Despite the enormous size of the building, the new elevator within Shanghai Tower allows passengers to travel from the ground floor to the top in just under 30 seconds.

The elevator clocks up a speed of 20.5 metres per second, and is such a fast measurement that other skyscrapers have been unable to compete with Shanghai Tower. Other large buildings throughout China, and indeed across the globe, have attempted to up their game in light of this new record-breaker- but, at least for now, the Shanghai Tower elevator reigns supreme.

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