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How Can An Elevator Help The Environment?

The importance of being environmentally-friendly seems to be intensifying by the day, as the media constantly tells us how we are endangering our planet and even film stars like Leonardo Di Caprio are trying to stress the significance of being green. This instantly makes us think about recycling, turning off our electricity at night and [...]

What is an epoxy cabin?

What is an epoxy cabin? An epoxy cabin is where the metal surface of the elevators cabin is coated with a special epoxy or polyester resins during the manufacturing process. This is done to deliver a protective layer over the surface which not only helps to stop corrosion, but also creates a real decorative finish. [...]

Your Responsibilities as a Dutyholder Under LOLER

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) requires that all lifting equipment in use is subject to thorough and systematic checks to ensure their safe provision. Regulation 9 of the act states that every lift used in the workplace undergoes regular detailed maintenance by a competent person and if you are responsible for [...]

Picking Up Passengers – Lift Maintenance

Passenger lifts are those elevators that most people instantly think of first, being the most common kind of installation found in properties and certainly the kind of elevator that the majority of us encounter most in our daily lives. Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re incredibly familiar with them, and so we’re more than able to [...]

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