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The Reasoning behind Refurbishment

If you have a lift installation that’s getting quite old now, asking how you can refurbish and bring it up to date is a wise question to ask! It all comes down to some very advantageous effects, including increasing the value of your building on a functional and aesthetic level. New lifts feature sleek, modern [...]

May the force be with you

Imagine the elevator doors breaking because of extreme force and sadly, causing a severe accident for one passenger. It really isn’t worth thinking about is it? But unfortunately, this happened over in Boston, America. The elevator doors of The Fenway Park lift were damaged by extreme force, which caused a woman to fall two floors [...]

New Home Lift Installation

Some living with a disability and who suffer from mobility restrictions around their home; unfortunately, cannot afford to pay for changes to be made to the home. A person’s independence can be lost, causing frustration to the individual. Home lift installation is a solution and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either, well not [...]

Utica not monitoring its elevators

UTICA — From now on, you might want to take the stairs. A recent state audit was heavily critical of the city’s inspections process for elevators, indicating the situation is dangerous and a legal liability for the city. For instance, auditors visited 39 buildings in March that had a total of 61 elevators. Forty-six of [...]

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