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Ensuring Endurance – Lift Maintenance London

With Elevators becoming more and more common a sight in the modern day, it only makes sense that we’re here to provide a host of expert lift services and ensure that no lift has to operate without the proper cover. As leading lift specialists and providers of lift maintenance London-wide and beyond, we here at [...]

Lift Out of Order – Lift Maintenance

Are you sick of seeing the above sign? Is it a notification that’s been there for days and will be there for days to come? Are you left wondering whether the owners of the building has a lift maintenance company on board to resolve issues like this and if so, where are they? We all [...]

Enhance Your Elevators

Have you got an aging lift that’s been on your mind recently? Are you dreading having to replace it, and bear the brunt of the costs involved? Well, hold on a moment – we here at Elevators Ltd might just have a much better alternative for you, and that lies with refurbishment. Don’t rush ahead, [...]

All Aboard!

So, Elevators Ltd casually went on a luxuryboat and lived the dream of a multi-millionaire celebrity – no biggy, just a normal day for us. Obviously, we had to do some work on the boat and it just happened to have a passenger lift installation and who is else would fit the role of carrying [...]

World’s Tallest Tower needs nifty lifts

In Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower – apparently set to be the world’s tallest building – even the elevators will be VIP. Well you’d expect nothing less really would you? You can’t have the world’s tallest building relying on shoddy lifts! […]

To Infinity and Beyond!

We know we know, we must have mentioned the space lift at least twenty times before! We think that it deserves yet another mention though, as brand new reports have revealed that the mysterious Google X facility has confirmed they are finally working on the long awaited space lift! But it looks as if we [...]

Flippin’ Lifts

It’s Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day to most and the team over at Elevators Ltd couldn’t be more excited about flipping pancakes and eating our body weight in them later! Today is definitely the day not to get caught in a lift, especially when there are pancakes ready to be cooked and eaten! So, if [...]

Your Lift Maintenance Service from Elevators Ltd

Lift maintenance is one of our most prestigious services that we offer and it’s because it takes skill, dedication and patience, as well as taking into account the safety of the passengers. We have a team of fully qualified and experienced lift engineers working for us, who are not only skilled in what they do, [...]

Trapped in a lift?

Being trapped in a lift isn’t uncommon. It happens to almost everyone, but the best thing to do in these situations is to remain calm. We understand that this might be easier said than done, but it is the best thing that anyone can do, plus you won’t feel like you’ve been there an entire [...]

Elevator Failure

We don’t like to brag about lifts breaking down (not ours of course), but as shocking as it sounds, some lift companies fail to understand that the number one priority is the safety of the passengers. We read a story last week, which shocked us and it wasn’t just because the lift failed to work. [...]

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