lift modernisation

Let’s Make It Modern – Lift Company Oxford

As a general rule, things tend to wear out and look a little worse for wear as time goes by, and lift systems are unfortunately no exception! As much as we’d love our elevators to last forever without maintenance or repair, they’ll always begin to show their age eventually. This is never more apparent in [...]

Keeping Up To Date

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even with the best standards of quality and workmanship, lift installations have a habit of deteriorating and wearing down over time. They really start to show their age, and can range from looking a little too scruffy to posing a serious hazard to anyone looking to take a [...]

Japanese Lifts the most advanced in technology

It’s not unknown that Japan is well advanced in technology so that they are able to create some of the world’s quirkiest gadgets, but they are also known for manufacturing and engineering some of the fastest and most impressive elevators to ever grace the planet. The most recent one being the elevator that the Japanese [...]

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