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Stairs Shaming: Why Elevators Should Be Everywhere

Decades ago, the disabled were not given much thought or advantages during the construction of public buildings. In 2018 however the world is slowly changing and our previous ignorance to the needs of those who cannot use the stairs is finally being recognised. After all, the stairs are not as simple for some people as [...]

A Space Saving Solution – Platform Lifts

Still searching for the perfect kind of lift to go in your property? We’d like to recommend platform lifts, as they’re a great way to ensure that you meet a wide range of requirements for a great price and a simple installation process that guarantees you’ll be up and running in no time at all. [...]

Engineering Success – Lift Maintenance Company

Lift engineers should never be underestimated! Even the very best elevator installations, systems and models wouldn’t be much without the right professionals to put them in place and ensure that they’re good to keep going for years and years without a problem, and that’s why lift engineers are the cornerstone of any lift company. Here [...]

Happy New Year!

Everyone over at Elevators Ltd would firstly like to say Happy New Year and we hope that 2015 brings you happiness and good health. It’s inevitable that we all have a bit of motivation in us to achieve some personal goals amongst the doom and gloom of January. Now although the traditional resolutions are been [...]

Wanted: A Reliable Lift Maintenance Company

Have you been seeking out a reliable and trustworthy lift company, whose specialist services include lift maintenance and lift repair? And preferably, a lift company who doesn’t run at the smallest hurdle or can’t deliver a service on time. It can be awkward and frustrating when there is a lift in your building that is [...]

World Class Lift Maintenance

Well what a week the first week has been in the World Cup. You really couldn’t predict this one or put money on it that’s for sure. So who do you think you will win? Definitely not Spain! They’re already out of the World Cup after another shameful lose against Chile last night. We’re just [...]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! You can’t deny that we Brits love a good knees-up and when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day, we can’t help but join the Irish in some celebrations. Although we’re still envious that we don’t get a public holiday for Saint George’s Day and for some reason, we don’t really seem [...]

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