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A Few Facts About Elevators

Here at Elevators Ltd, we think about lifts on a daily basis however its only right to assume that the average person, like yourself, won’t pay much attention to them when you are out and about living your life. After all, they are convenient and always on hand when you need them. Why else would [...]

Adding up the steps

So here’s a way to lose those post-Christmas pounds; banning lifts in public places. It sounds extreme and it could even put lift maintenance companies in a sticky situation. Stairs are a good way to drop the pounds, but what if you’re carrying heavy items, or you were pushing a pram, you’re disabled, elderly or [...]

Don’t be a dumb waiter

If like us, you’re huge Fawlty Towers fans then you’ll appreciate this blog. As you know, Manuel wasn’t the brightest spark, in fact, we’re not even sure how he got the job working for Basil Fawlty in the first place, but he did bring us a few good laughs over the years. Manuel was a [...]


Do you remember when Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles started on Jay-Z, her brother-in-law, in an elevator back in May? She started going a little crazy and kicking the rapper at the Meatpacking District’s Standard Hotel elevator, at the Met Gala after party. Fortunately, there was no damage caused to the elevator and no lift maintenance [...]

There’ll be no accident and emergency with Elevators Ltd

  Elevators Ltd have certainly been busy over the last few days and we wouldn’t have it any other way; so no complaints from us here! Seeing as it’s Monday and everyone is feeling a little blue after the weekend, we thought we’d brighten up your Monday by telling you some exciting news! We’re more [...]

A touch of TLC

We all need a bit of TLC from time to time, to help keep us sane, refreshed and more importantly, looking younger – well at least feeling younger anyway! The same goes for elevators. They too need some tender loving care, so they operate smoothly and maintain a high quality and reliable service. Fortunately, Elevators [...]

Take a surf

Unless you’re professionals in our industry, elevators can be dangerous and we’re not talking about the actual lift shaft here that takes you from one floor to another, we’re talking behind the scenes. Elevators Ltd are a professional lift company down in London and we have only the best and fully qualified engineers working for [...]

Socially awkward

You can’t deny the fact that lifts are one of the most awkward encounters that you will face and even lift professionals like ourselves believe this to be true. If you think about, you’re crammed into a small box with people that you don’t know and having to spend unwanted time with them. Although, sometimes [...]

Double decker elevators

Have you heard of a double decker elevator? It’s probably how you’re imagining it to look like; two elevator shafts stacked on top of each other. Pretty cool, ey? They are popular elevators and we’ve done plenty of double decker lift installations in our time. The world’s tallest building, the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah in [...]

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