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Respecting Lift Maintenance – Lift Company Oxford

Having an elevator inside of your property is commonplace in the modern day, provided you have multiple floors and a need to get between them in the easiest and most convenient way possible. It’s certainly a solid investment, operating tirelessly around the clock as a workhorse that you know you can depend on at any [...]

Lifting Into the New Year – Lift Company Oxford

As we head into 2016, can you say that you’ve got plans for the coming months? A new year is typically cause for a brand new start, or at the very least a set of fresh resolutions to really push you towards what you want to achieve. We think it’s the perfect time to make [...]

Weighty Business – Lift Company Oxford

When it comes to shifting the heaviest loads around, goods lifts are the ultimate heavy duty lift installation no matter what your property might be. We’re confident that they’re the ideal choice for anyone needing to move cargo or heavy items without having to worry about the ability of their lifts to do it, with [...]

Our Elevated Service – Lift Company Oxford

At Elevators Ltd, we’re confident that even the very best lift installations and lift maintenance jobs wouldn’t be much without an experienced hand to carry out all work involved, which is why we’re always striving to make sure our standards of customer service and expertise are consistently as unbeatable as they can be. You’ll never [...]

Top Traction – Lift Company Oxford

A classic, tried and tested choice for any lift company Oxford-wide, traction lifts are incredibly effective, efficient and quiet even in full swing. They’re a very popular pick, and as a top lift company Oxford-wide we don’t think it’s too hard to know why that is when you’ve experienced what a smooth ride they’re able [...]

Running Smooth – Lift Company Oxford

In the market to treat your lift systems to the fantastic standard of care they deserve? We here at Elevators Ltd have an absolutely incredible range of lift services ready to bring big success to your property, with expertise in everything from lift installation and repair to lift maintenance and even modernisation offered by the [...]

Ensuring Safe Success – Lift Company Oxford

The team here at Elevators Ltd considers a job well done to be a job carried out to the letter when it comes to health and safety, as costly accidents are often easily avoided by adhering to the proper procedures. That’s why we strive to stay fully fluent, aware and up to date with all [...]

Make a Scene – Lift Company Oxford

Looking for something a little more pleasing on the eyes than your average lift? Aiming to be a little flashy with the way you transit people across floors in your building? You’ll definitely want to check out what we can do for you in the way of scenic lifts then, as we’re the leading lift [...]

Let’s Make It Modern – Lift Company Oxford

As a general rule, things tend to wear out and look a little worse for wear as time goes by, and lift systems are unfortunately no exception! As much as we’d love our elevators to last forever without maintenance or repair, they’ll always begin to show their age eventually. This is never more apparent in [...]

Why Experience Matters – Lift Company Oxford

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely necessary for every single lift company Oxford-wide to have, we here at Elevators Ltd would have to say that it’s experience! Experience is the driving force behind work done correctly, and it ensures that no beginner mistakes will happen during the process of installing or repairing any given lift. [...]

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