Elevators are my one true love

This is partially true for the team at Elevators Ltd, we do have a strong and lasting love for lifts and if we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be able to successfully perform lift maintenance or a lift installation. However, the love for lifts goes beyond anything else for one person, and his passion has helped [...]

Utica not monitoring its elevators

UTICA — From now on, you might want to take the stairs. A recent state audit was heavily critical of the city’s inspections process for elevators, indicating the situation is dangerous and a legal liability for the city. For instance, auditors visited 39 buildings in March that had a total of 61 elevators. Forty-six of [...]

Standards body: elevators can help in evacuations

Ever read that sign in the elevator that tells you to take the stairs in an emergency? That may be a mistake according to the 162-nation International Organisation for Standardisation, which said using lifts can sometimes save more lives as people rush out of buildings after fires, earthquakes and gas explosions. The ISO, which sets [...]

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