The New York subway is one of the busiest underground transport systems that can be used today. In fact, it is also one of the oldest! Alongside the urban rail transit in China, the Underground in London and the Paris Metro; the America subway is quite famous in its own right and was opened in 1904. Despite is century long runtime however it is safe to say that the system is less than perfect. From a lack of wheelchair friendly stations to dangerous attacks, surely there is a better way to run the NYC subway? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new elevator proposal…

Since the New York City Subway is one of the most inaccessible public transport systems around, the addition of new elevators sound like a miracle however many commuters and neighbours have their reservations. After all, the subway is known worldwide for its vulnerability and free rein on crime and with over a billion commuters every single year it is only expected that a new elevator installation could cause havoc.

There are many residents who live nearby the proposed construction site who are in turmoil over the idea and suggest that glass and metal elevators being constructed at such a location could allow people to slip away and out of the subway without being noticed. In fact the group, who have stated that they are ‘hypersensitive to the security’, have suggested that it is important to take into consideration the risk that the new elevators could propose, particularly when terrorism and crime is at an all time high.

With this said, there are some benefits to the proposal since it will allow disabled riders and those who are less able to use the steep stairs that are currently in operation a much safer and easier alternative to get around such a large city. The proposal of the new elevator installation is only evidence of how the current subway system fails those who cannot face the stairs with ease. In fact, an online map shows that on the J and Z lines, only five out of thirty stations provide reliable wheelchair access and only one located of these is located in central Manhattan.

Here at Elevator Ltd we are big advocators of the benefits that a passenger elevator can provide in a range of different locations and whilst the London Underground isn’t exactly the most wheelchair friendly itself, it is safe to say that it is much more developed than the NYC Subway. What do you think about the NYC elevator proposal? Get in contact with the best lift company around today and have your say!