It may not have occurred to you that it’s possible for a lift to be a tourist attraction- apart from The Tower of Terror ride currently open at Disneyland. Lifts are very good at, well, taking us up and down so that we can visit the higher floors of a building, and we certainly appreciate their importance in today’s society.

But there are parts of the world where lifts have been turned into something more. We’re going to take you through the three strangest lifts in the world and, since the Paralympics have just started, we’ll award each one a medal based on just how strange they are. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we take you on an uplifting trip around the world.


1. Aquadom, Berlin, Germany

First stop is the German capital of Berlin and, more specifically, the Radisson Blu Hotel. Now, if you were staying at a swanky hotel, you’d probably be impressed by the room or maybe the food- after all, that’s what you’re paying your money for. But this hotel features a transparent lift that just so happens to be built inside an enormous aquarium-which is home to over 1500 fish. We’re glad we’re not in charge of keeping them fed!

Medal: Gold

2. Anderton Boat Lift, Cheshire, England.

Let’s take a look at something a little more local. This is completely different to the Aquadom-in that it is designed to raise and lower boats, not hotel-stayers. It is one of the oldest boat lifts in the world, having been built in 1875, and its primary objective is to move a boat from one body of water to another.

Medal: Silver

3. Globen Skyview, Stockholm, Sweden

Pack your thermals, we’re going to Sweden. The Ericsson Globe is the largest hemispherical building in the world, and it basically looks like an enormous golf ball. But going up and down (or around) this building are the most astonishing glass lifts. They provide users with an entertaining ride around the Ericsson Globe, and look like they belong in a theme park rather than a Swedish arena!

Medal: Bronze

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