We’ve all stepped into a lift that stinks of urine and other similar things, and it can be quite, well really off putting! The smell is unbearable and as much as you try to hold your nose, the smell still lingers. No matter how desperate you are to drop a penny, the lift is not the place to do it and if you were in Atlanta, you would get arrested! Now that’s definitely not something you want on your attached to your name – “arrested for urinating in the lift”; social status lost!

Over in Atlanta, the MARTA subways are being installed with urinating detectors, which is the first of its kind. Each installation for the lifts costs $10,000, which is around £6,000. The detectors will be able to sense ‘splash backs’, which then sends an alarm to the coppers, who will spring up on you within seconds for an arrest! Come on, it is embarrassing to get caught red handed with the pants down in an elevator so you can urinate! Atlanta received budget cuts back in 2010, which meant the toilets in the subways were forced to close and lifts clearly seemed like the next best thing. However, it seems to have done the trick, as the urinating criminals have reduced in numbers and only one offender has been arrested. Bad times!

Now, although we can’t install urine detectors in a lift (not yet anyway), we can provide a professional lift installation, that includes state of the art technology. For more information about lift installation or any of our other services, just get in touch with Elevators Ltd today.