Who thought that such as a small box which has high speeds, meaning that you only have to be in it for just a few seconds, could be so awkward? If you can’t guess what we’re talking about, we’re referring to lifts. If we could add a piece of technology when we complete lift maintenance or a new lift installation to make travelling less awkward, we would.

You must have experienced an awkward encounter in a lift at some point in your life, we have and we work in the industry. This can include standing awkwardly in a lift with a stranger, or having them make small talk to you, or something embarrassing happening to you at the wrong place and at the wrong time. And do you know what would make the whole scenario worse? If the lift suddenly came to a halt and you were stuck with the stranger for longer than just a few seconds. Now, there is a solution to this and that’s ensuring that your lift has regular lift maintenance. Suppose if we had to choose between being stuck in a lift on your own or with a stranger, we’d pick a stranger. Why? For company and so you’re not experiencing the traumatic encounter on your own.

If anything though, we’d prefer not to get stuck in a lift and we’re sure you’ll agree with us on that, and if you do, then we have two words for you; lift maintenance. It’s pretty self-explanatory really, regular lift maintenance can help prevent future breakdowns or hiccups from developing with the end result being a smooth, operating lift. But that’s just our opinion, well more advice really.