Decades ago, the disabled were not given much thought or advantages during the construction of public buildings. In 2018 however the world is slowly changing and our previous ignorance to the needs of those who cannot use the stairs is finally being recognised. After all, the stairs are not as simple for some people as they are for others and pretending that we live in a world where everybody is the same is ableism. In this stair shaming blog the team here at Elevators Ltd are going to look into why elevators should be installed in every suitable property…

Catering for those with disabilities

In the UK alone, there are over 1 million people who use wheelchairs on a regular basis due to a range of different medical conditions. From paralysis to amputations, a building that is only equipped with stairs isn’t welcoming for those who are wheelchair bound. Not only does this limit working opportunities as the places that are wheelchair accessible are limited as it is, it can cause people to feel limited and restricted; something which able bodied people will never be faced with. In addition to this, not all disabilities and medical conditions require a wheelchair. For example, people with serious asthma can risk an attack by simply climbing the stairs due to the absence of an elevator and this risk could be reduced with the addition of an elevator.

Keeping the older generation safe

Did you know that over 100,000 elderly people are treated for injuries that were sustained during a fall relating to the stairs? Whilst it is true that taking the stair is healthier than using the elevator, a building that is only equipped with stairs can put the elderly at great risk. After all, loosing your footing is much easier as you get older. By having an elevator installed in as many suitable buildings as possible you can help keep members of the public safe and avoid placing an extra strain on the healthcare system with falls that could be prevented.

Whilst the stairs offer a perfectly good way to travel between the floors of different buildings, it is safe to say that they aren’t suitable for every single individual in society. By having an elevator installed inside your establishment you can ensure that your building is accessible for every single member of the general public. After all, nobody really wants to climb hundreds of stairs anyway! To find out more about our range of elevators, speak to a member of the best lift company around today!