Whenever we talk about speed of things, we always seem to reference “Speedy Gonzales” and this one is no different.

China isn’t shy of new technology and when it comes to elevators, you can only expect to step into a high tech lift that travels faster than light! Well, that’s what we’d expect anyway and it would be great if this south-end lift company ventured to the other side of the world! Anyway, we didn’t just mention China randomly; a brand new skyscraper in China will have two of the fastest lifts installed… in the world.

Hitachi recently announced this news and have been contracted to install these Speedy Gonzales lifts in the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre. Speedy Guangzhou has a ring to it, wouldn’t you agree? The skyscraper is 1,738 feet tall and once it has been built, it will overlook the Pearl River. There will be around 100 elevators installed, which will cater for offices, a hotel and condos.

Now when we refer to elevators, they won’t be your everyday lift; no, they will travel 95 floors in less than 43 seconds. Quite fast that isn’t it?  But, we can’t get too excited yet as the skyscraper won’t be finished for another three years; boo!

Hitachi leads the way for a lift company in China and they supply 15% off all the lifts in this thriving country. Pretty impressive! But hey, Elevators Ltd are the leading lift company in the south-end and use state of the art technology. You never know, we might produce one of the fastest lifts in the world before the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is built in 2017!