The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have continued to make headlines and it’s not just for teams winning medals. We’ve heard of the poor conditions of The Olympic village and you may remember our last blog about the GB Bobsledder who almost fell through the black hole in the lift as there was a missing lift shaft, well just a few days ago, another Bobsledder got stuck in a lift. We have a feeling that Sochi lifts and Bobsledders aren’t the best of combinations! You would have thought there would be onsite lift engineers on hand to carry out any lift maintenance, but that’s just us.

American Johnny Quinn has a tough ordeal so far. He got trapped in the bathroom because the door wouldn’t open and there was no phone available for him to call for help and being the professional athlete that he is, he used his training tactics to break the door down. Then just a few days ago he was stuck in the lift with his team mate Nick Cunningham. Oh dear, really not going well for them is it. Considering that it’s the Olympics, you would have thought the hosting country would have used some of the $42million, used to convert the Soviet-era summer resort, on the events and living conditions for the athletes, you only have to see how the 2012 London Olympics turned out.  Or at least to have a lift maintenance service available and judging by the events over the last week or so, it’s most definitely needed.

Having on-hand lift maintenance and repair work for events such as this is important in our eyes. Elevators Ltd has an emergency lift call out service available, which means that in the off chance that you or another member of the public are stuck in a lift, then our lift engineers will be on their way within seconds.

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