For those afraid of heights, you might want to avoid the following elevators situated around the globe! Despite this, it is safe to say that sometimes the journey we take is better than the destination we arrive at and these elevators surely prove it! The following lifts are not only jaw dropping but scarily high. Here are the most scariest lifts in the world…

Bailong Elevator, China

Accurately named the hundred dragons sky lift, this tower of an elevator is a well-known showpiece situated in the beautifully scenic Zhangjiajie Forest Park of China. Standing taller than The Shard, this impressive sightseeing observation elevator takes tourists and visitors to the very top of a 1,070 foot tall cliff in less than two minutes. Now that’s terrifyingly impressive! The lift has set three world records in its lifetime including the world tallest outdoor lift, the world’s tallest doubt deck sightseeing lift and the world fastest passenger elevator.

Skyview Elevator, Sweden

The designers of the world’s biggest spherical building wanted to show off its unique shape by adding lifts on the exterior which travel up and over the curved walls. Yes, you read that correctly – elevators which travel along the outside of a curved building! Two elevators are able to take visitors for a 425 ft. ride which lasts 30 minutes and shows scenic views of Stockholm.

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