The first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘glass elevator’ is the infamous Great Glass Elevator from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After all, most people presume that such a contraption must be fictional. Luckily, the Elevators Ltd team are always on hand to help! In fact, scenic elevators are increasing in popularity every year. Read on as we go through a few reasons why a glass elevator can be a good investment…


A glass elevator is an exquisite addition to any property. In fact, the modern design can improve aesthetics in an instant as the components are significantly sleeker and consciously hidden in order to ensure that the elevator is the only thing that attracts attention. In addition to this, glass elevators offer a 360 view which means that many hotels actually install them in the centre of the lobby to great success.


It is interesting to know that glass elevators aren’t actually made from glass. After all, this would make them far too dangerous for public use. In reality, they are made from clear acrylic-glass panels which resemble the texture and quality of glass without any of the vulnerability, making them incredibly strong and durable.


Unlike traditional elevators, glass elevators are able to make use of natural light which makes them much more energy efficient. In addition to this, the materials that are used to make a glass elevator can often be repurposed and reused once the elevator itself has stop functioning effectively, making them somewhat eco-friendly.

Scenic lifts like glass elevators are a great addition to any property. After all, they may not be able to go sideways, and slantways, and longways and backways like Willy Wonka’s famous elevator, but they are certainly eye-catching! To find out more information about our range of scenic lifts, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!