The Machine Roomless elevator has become one of the most revolutionary innovations within the elevator industry and is the perfect addition to all low to mid rise buildings. Like the name suggests, MRL elevators are a type of elevator system that does not come with a machine room and thanks to the reduction of components like the permanent magnet motor (PMM), we can now store the machine inside the elevator shaft itself. Read on to find out a few reasons why you should invest in a machine roomless elevator…

Space Saver

For many years, elevators had a machine room at the very top of the hoist way where all the work was carried out. As a result, buildings had to have enough space for the machinery or else the elevator couldn’t be installed. If you are strapped for space then a machine roomless elevator could be the solution you have been looking for as these innovative alternatives install the machinery on the side of the hoist way, saving valuable space.

Energy Efficiency

Due to the reduction in size of the components, MRL elevators require much less energy than conventional machine room systems. In fact, they are said to be much more energy efficient because the buildings can repurpose the saved energy that would have been used in order to heat, cool and light an elevator with a machine room, to other areas of the property.


A machine roomless elevator is  a variation of the traditional traction elevator with the machine room omitted from the design in order to modernise it. This means that it still has the safety reassurance of a dozen thick steel cord ropes that are used in order to transport an elevator cab between the different floors of a building.

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