Here at Elevators Ltd, we try to emphasise the importance of maintenance at every opportunity. After all, neglecting to have the mechanical aspects of your elevator serviced allows otherwise minor issues to develop into serious safety risks. Read on as we go through a few important preventative elevator maintenance tips that can help every lift owner keep their elevator in tip top condition…

Repair Logs

In order to ensure that your elevator gets the best care possible, it is important to ensure that you keep a repair log of every piece of work that is carried out. This way you can assess the information and see whether there are any recurring problems that may require a more in-depth investigation to be carried out.

Regular Inspections

As a property owner, staying on top of your maintenance responsibilities is compulsory. After all, regular inspections are in place in order to spot any issues that look problematic so that they can be rectified before they develop into a more serious issue. Without these checks, an elevator can become a safety risk without warning because problems were allowed to exacerbate.

Don’t Delay

The mechanics of a modern elevator are incredibly resistant to damage; however, it is vital that an emergency engineer is called out at the first sign of damage and the elevator is placed out of order. After all, leaving a problem to get worse after it has been discovered is neglecting the maintenance responsibilities involved in being a property owner and can actually put passengers in danger.

When it comes to something as important as lift maintenance, it is important that property owners are made aware of their responsibilities. After all, free-falling may be an unlikely disaster that is over-dramatized in movies, however, breakdowns due to a lack of maintenance is a very real and serious risk. To find out more information about maintaining an elevator, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!