This really isn’t the best combination and it would be the last thing that you will want to hear, but unfortunately this happened in Cyprus and we just hope there was air conditioning in the lifts! We’re not sure what the lift maintenance companies are like out there, but if they’re anything like us, they won’t be too happy about this.

Our main priority is the safety of the passengers and if our lift engineers are sent out on an emergency such as this, but are unable or will have difficulty getting the passengers out due to the electrics being cut off, then there will sure be a few questions that would need answering.

Workers at the EAC electricity company went on strike because of planned privatisation of their organisation; however, it was the public who unfortunately suffered from this, due to the strikers causing the power cut. The Fire Rescue team received a total of 47 phone calls from trapped passengers; 30 from the capital of Nicosia, 14 from Limassol and 3 from Larnaka. The police have urged the Greek Cypriots and other members of the public to avoid getting in a lift.

We really felt for the trapped lift passengers when we read this story, but fortunately for you, our team of fully qualified lift engineers will be with you regardless of whether there is a power cut or not and our in-house team will be on the other end of the line. The majority of lifts that suddenly come to a halt are caused by faults within the mechanics, or a lack of lift maintenance and servicing.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we take great pride in ensuring that all of our lifts have regular lift maintenance and any repair work that is needed, will be done so almost immediately. Contact us today for more information.