Vantage Mobility International (VMI) announced that its much anticipated next generation Ricon Slide-Away™ platform lift for wheelchair accessible vans is now available

PHOENIX – July 8, 2010 – As an innovative manufacturer and distributor of accessories and vehicles for mobility restricted individuals, VMI/Ricon developed the revolutionary platform lift design to allow full functionality of the front passenger seat and provide greater access for able-bodied passengers.

“Our new Slide-Away™ platform lift is a bold step forward in design, functionality and quality,” said Doug

Eaton, president of VMI. “The team of engineers has worked tirelessly to give it exclusive features and technology that will make it the most advanced design in our industry. Not only does it integrate the highest quality parts, but its functionality is unmatched, giving mobility impaired and able-bodied users more versatility than ever before.”

In addition to the new, exclusive features on the Slide-Away™, VMI/Ricon also re-engineered a variety of systems and components that give it improved performance over previous models. These enhancements include a pressure relief valve in the hydraulic pump to better protect platform components and an upgrade from steel to extruded aluminum on the outboard barrier material to reduce overall platform weight.

“While our proprietary Slide-Away™ platform lift represents over two decades of design ingenuity, that is only a piece of this new product,” added Eaton. “How we manufacture the Slide-Away™ is just as important as its new design, parts and technology. We’ve spent the last two years improving our lift manufacturing processes with our Lean quality initiative. Using our Certified Sustainable Quality (CSQ) System we’ve increased the level of our manufacturing process to better ensure the Slide-Away™ will perform as our customers expect.”

Additional information about VMI’s proprietary Slide-Away™ Platform Lift can be found at or by calling 800-348-8267.