We’ve heard stories of lifts in buildings not working and forcing residents to walk up numerous flights of stairs to reach their apartment, but imagine living in the tallest and most luxurious building on the planet, and having the air conditioning purposely switched off and the lifts ‘out of order’. It’s not worth thinking about, but unfortunately, residents in the Burj Khalifa apartment building in Dubai are experiencing just that. Now, it would be lucky if one of the residents living there just happened to be a lift engineer and could carry out some lift maintenance or servicing work on the purposely turned off lifts.

Each one bedroom apartment in the Burj Khalifa costs $55,000 per year with a $25,000 servicing charge, a charge that residents shouldn’t have to pay in our opinion. Property Giant Emmar has warned the residents that he will be ‘forced’ to cut electricity to the lifts and air conditioning, and restrict access to amenities due to thousands of dollars of unpaid bills. You’d be pretty annoyed hearing this. However, Emmar has given his tenants a reprieve, which enables them to access their homes through amenities like the communal areas as a temporary solution.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re currently having a debate on which scenario would be worse; having the electricity cut off from the lifts so you are forced to walk up a maximum of 163 flights of stairs, or have the electricity turned off for the air conditioning so you are left living in the equivalent of a pressure cooker – the windows in the apartments don’t open and the Gulf sun is pretty warm. However, the one thing that we do agree on is providing all our customers, no matter what type of building they’re in, whether it’s residential or not, we will provide you with high quality lift maintenance services.

Our customers come first and we aim to ensure that all of our lift maintenance and any other services including lift installation are second to none. Contact us today.