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Passenger Lifts

Elevators Ltd are experts in all aspects of Passenger Lift, including design and installation. We provide state-of-the-art lift installations for both residential and commercial properties in London, Kent and the South Coast of England. Our experienced team of design engineers, project managers and installation engineers are ready to get to work. Even in those most challenging of spaces, we can design and install the right passenger lift for your needs and that will complement your interior design. Our passenger lift installation options cover all loads, sizes, speeds, applications and aesthetic possibilities.

Commercial Passenger Lifts

As with all of our services, our passenger lift installations include a wide range of benefits. They include:

PASSENGER LIFT Styling and Sizing

We offer a wide range of colours and high-quality materials for all our passenger lifts. Choose custom lighting, door openings, skirting, handrails, flooring and glazing as well as a large range of car finishes, control panels and state of the art components, within your budget.
Our lifts will be the perfect addition to your building, improving accessibility and aesthetically blending with its surroundings. We can provide passenger lifts for the smallest lift shaft right up to large heavy-duty passenger lifts;

PASSENGER LIFT – Energy Efficiency

You can rely on elevators ltd to install for a safe lift installation and ongoing lift maintenance. All our lifts are Fully compliant with current regs with the maximum possible energy efficiency.

PASSENGER LIFT – Maintenance and Repair

We also offer a full range of lift services including Lift inspections, Lift maintenance, Lift repairs and more.


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