Far more people are scared of the thought of travelling via elevator than you may realise. In fact it is one of the most common types of fears and is closely linked with claustrophobia, the fear of being trapped inside an enclosed space with no escape. Sometimes it is the claustrophobia that prevents people from stepping inside a lift however it is not uncommon for people to avoid elevators because of a fear of the actual thing. Luckily there are a few steps you can take to rid yourself of the fear once and for all…

Find the cause

Take a look back and try to pin point the time when the fear first began. If you realise that your fear of lifts stems from a bad experience inside an elevator or your claustrophobia began due to a traumatic experience trapped inside an enclosed space as a child then you can begin to work on this. It may even be wise to consult a therapist if your phobia severely impacts your life.

Fight the Fear

Sometimes the only way that you can deal with the fear of riding an elevator is to deal with it head on and use them until you are no longer scared. Some people do not agree with this method so it is always best to find out what works best for you however many people have gradually realised that their phobia is a fear of something that is unlikely to happen and end up making peace with it.

Get a friend involved

It can be hard to ask for help however if your phobia of elevators starts to impact your job and lifestyle then it is best to get someone else involved. Even if you ask a friend to ride the elevator with you just for peace of mind, having a support network is an important part of overcoming a fear. This method was seen in an episode of Greys Anatomy where a character became terrified of riding the elevator after being shot. Of course, real life is rarely as dramatic as this however idea of support is there.

Here at Elevators Ltd we know that phobias can be hard to understand for some people. After all, they are an irrational fear of something that has a very low probability of actually harming us. By taking the necessary steps and asking for help however it is possible to rid yourself of the fear of elevators once and for all. To speak to a member of the team and find out more information about our range of services, get in contact with the best lift company around today!