Working in the lift installation industry, we’ll concede that, to the untrained eye, a lot of lifts to do look pretty identical. However, there’s a lift in the World Trade Center in New York, that really is like no other.


A new observatory opened up in May last year at the top of the World Trade Center, but the lift that takes passengers up to the viewing deck offers a really great show of its own.


Tourists who enter the lift will be treated to an animated time lapse of the construction of New York City. A heart-touching part of that construction includes the building of the Twin Towers which are sadly not part of the New York City skyline anymore. The animation begins back in the 90’s and ends with the current cityscape.


Inside each lift to the top, nine, 75-inch screens will show the display, which lasts for 42 second and is for the duration of the lift ride. The display is so amazing it actually feels like you’re looking out the glass lift windows, out into the real New York skyline.


As a leading lift company in the UK, we like to keep up to date with what’s being done within the industry and how people are incorporating certain technologies into the construction and decoration of their lifts. Lift rides can be a little tedious and boring, especially if they’re long, so why not make riding a lift entertaining and put on a show for the passengers? We think it’s a wonderful idea and we’ve no doubt it’s a massive hit with tourists in New York.