The concept of a lift has been around for thousands of years and began with a pulley system in order to transport items between different floors. In fact, elevators have formed an important part of our history and have been around for much long than people tend to think. After all, the earliest one can be traced back to 230 BC! Luckily however we can now rely on advanced technology rather than manual labour to operate them. In the spirit of history however the team here at Elevators Ltd have decided to go over the oldest lifts in the world…

Sinai, Egypt

If ancient elevators are something that interest you then you have to travel all the way to Egypt to check out this elaborate construction. Built during the Byzantium reign of Emperor Justinain, this elevator can be found by the side of a range of walls and both were created around 527 AD. The elevators purpose was one of safety as it was used in order to pull monks over the walls during battle. Despite the lack of war, the lift is still fully functional today.

Washington, DC

Whilst this modern elevator doesn’t date back as far as the Egyptian example, it is still able to hold its ground. In fact, the Otis elevator is one modern elevator that is older than any human alive on the planet today as it was installed back in 1853! This is exceptionally impressive since Mr Otis is known for inventing the cables that prevent modern elevators from falling. Due to this, the lift holds a great historical significance and is protected against construction so it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

Here at Elevators Ltd we owe all our thanks to these early lift designs and the thoughts that allowed important technological developments to take place. After all, it is very unlikely that the people constructing the Egyptian elevator in 527 AD could have ever imagined elevators functioning like they do today. To find out more information about how elevators have changed, get in contact with the best lift company around today!