Have you seen our new website? Silly question, of course you have! You wouldn’t be reading this blog otherwise!

Elevators Ltd has grown as a local lift company in London, to a successful national lift company, right through to a global lift installation and maintenance company. It’s certainly been an exciting few years for us and the expertise from Improving Sales, specialists in SEO, has helped us to achieve this great success.

We have a range of services including lift installation, lift maintenance, lift repair, modernisation and much more. You can find our entire list of services over on our, sparkling new website – well not so much sparkling as shining! Being a local based lift company in London has enabled us to empathise and provide all of our customers with a high quality and personal service. We can also have a good laugh with each other too and we all on first name terms with each other, and our customers know they are in safe hands and receiving a reliable service.

So, if you have a spare few minutes, why not head over to our main website and have a nosy around it and let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter page. Yep, Elevators Ltd are keeping up to date with the times and have social media platforms in place!

If you would like some more information about any of our services such as lift installation, lift maintenance or lift repair, then please get in touch with us today. You can find all of our contact details on our contact us page.