When it comes to designing and putting together the pieces for a new lift installation in London and in the Kent area, the team at Elevators Ltd want to ensure that every fine detail is spot on and up to the highest possible standard. Perfection is something that we’re passionate about it, which isn’t always a bad thing. At least our customers know that the level of service that they’ll receive is top of the range.

One of our recent jobs at Bromley Council demonstrates how we work and think. When it comes to a lift installation, it’s not just about how the lift looks and works. Though this is how some lift companies work. Here at Elevators Ltd, we like to think outside the box or in our case, outside the lift! It is extremely important that there is equal access to all employees, as well providing full access for less able members of the public to shops and other facilities. This was something that both Elevators Ltd and Bromley Council felt strongly about, which is always a bonus when the customer shares the same passion as we do! They placed an order for a new lift installation with Elevators Ltd, to provide a new fully Part M/DDA/ Equality Act complaint lift into one of their offices, and it was a job well done!

If there’s a lift in your building that you think is a bit temperamental or you’re interested in a lift installation, get in touch with Elevators Ltd today. We’re an established lift company in London, who provide various lift services including a new lift installation. Call us today on 0203 657 9840 or send us an email to info@elevatorsltd.co.uk.