There is always some sort of misconception that surrounds our everyday living such as what we can and can’t eat, and even elevators have a few tales attached to them too! Fortunately, we’re a professional lift company who will clear a few of these myths up.

  • Elevators are held up and supported by one single piece of rope. If you honestly believe that story, then we strongly advise you to take the stairs before you put other passengers at risk. If this was true, then people wouldn’t be getting in them every day; we certainly wouldn’t and imagine doing lift maintenance in an elevator that is held up by a piece of rope? They’re actually supported by multiple steel cables and the cables are that strong that one can support a loaded car.
  • Elevators can fall several floors before catching itself. This won’t or shouldn’t happen and if it does, then we urge you to contact the lift company immediately. Passengers may have felt as if this happened when travelling, but it can be caused by a confusion in which way the lift is travelling, or they saw the elevator floor indicator lights flash which gave this impression.
  • If the elevator is stuck between floors, then you should try and get out because you will be in danger. NEVER attempt to get out of a lift if it has broken down. You will put yourself at danger and any other passengers travelling in the same lift. Wait for the experts to come and press the emergency call button in the elevator, to be put through someone.
  • Pushing the door close or open buttons will move the doors faster. No it wouldn’t. It would make no difference whatsoever.
  • The common one. Continuing to press the lift call button will make it come faster. Nope, it just needs one press of the button and it will arrive.

We’re not sure where these myths come from, but they do make us chuckle! If you are ever in doubt about a lift or want some more information about the services that can be provided, then contact the leading lift company today; Elevators Ltd.