With around 70 million new cars produced every single year, it is important that we have somewhere to store them all. After all, there is nothing funny about traffic and congestion! For many years, multi-story car parks were the perfect solution as they provided hundreds of parking spaces without taking up too much space and allowed the option of building up. With this said, car stacking lifts are said to be the future for drivers and in this blog, the team here at Elevators Ltd have decided to go over some pros and cons of both options…


Whilst multi-story car parks are made with strong materials in order to ensure that they are able to support the weight of hundreds upon hundreds of vehicles, they only allow a limited amount of natural light inside which can make them a flight risk when it comes to safety. On the other hand, car stacking lifts are an efficient yet safe option that allows people to park their vehicle safely and securely without the risk of an accident.


Finding somewhere to park in a city busy centre is always a struggle which is why multi story car parks have been a big success. With this said, a lot of the space is wasted in order to create the ramps that are used to travel up and down the levels which means that there is less space for parking than it seems. On the other hand, car stacking lifts are a can be installed in order to increase the amount of space that is available, effectively doubling the number of cars that can be parked inside a car park without wasting any space.


Like most pieces of technology, car stacking lifts have to be serviced regularly and have routine maintenance carried out in order to ensure that they are in full working order. With this said, they come with a long life guarantee as long as these requirements are fulfilled and can last much longer than the average multi-story car park. After all, most multi story car parks are government funded builds and tend to be neglected maintenance wise after they have been constructed.

Technology allows for the development of new and exciting contraptions. After all, the elevator itself came from rope and pulley systems that were operated by slave labour until we discovered counterweights and hydraulics. Car stacking lifts are the next big thing in the elevator industry and experts predict that they will revolutionise the multi-story car park as we know it today. To find out more information about our car parking solutions, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!