So you’ve enjoyed the glorious warm sunny weekend, you’ve had a BBQ with friends and been sunbathing all day long, and even the thought of going to work on a Monday still keeps you in high spirits (as long as the sun is still shining that is). You stroll into the office tanned and slightly red in places, to find your desk and all of its contents have mysteriously disappeared. Your fellow co-workers are acting normal i.e. they’re quiet, so maybe a little suspicious and it appeared that no one had actually noticed that your stuff had gone, and all of sudden that glowing smile of yours dips, causing your slightly sunburnt face to become more noticeable! Well believe it or not, this actually happened to one poor chap and we don’t think he was too amused to find his entire office contents in a lift. This included his desk, printer and drawers. It could have been worse though, the lift which held the employee’s stuff was in fact out of order. We don’t think that would have gone down too well if the lift was in full working mode!


As much as we love a practical joke here at Elevators Ltd, this one may have over stepped the line a little. The ironic thing is our team of lift professionals wouldn’t consider looking for or hiding contents in a lift!

We all have to put up with daily annoyances, especially when you’re in a lift and there really is nothing worse than someone coughing in your face or talking ridiculously loud on a phone when the lift is moving at an incredibly slow speed. It is important that lifts are running smoothly and have regular lift maintenance work carried out. They will need to be modernised at some point and with the latest technology that we have at Elevators Ltd, you can be sure that our lift maintenance work in London keeps the lift in tip top condition.

There is no need for you put up with irritating situations in the slow moving lift or have the risk of your office contents being moved into a broken down lift. Get in touch with Elevators Ltd today for more information on lift maintenance in London and any of our other lift services. You can call us on 020 3468 3193 or you can send us an email to