My goodness, we cannot believe that it is Monday already! What happened to the weekend? Everything seems to happen on a Monday, there are just too many coincidences that take place on this day. Your alarm decides not to go off, you jump into a cold shower and quickly get dressed grabbing a cup of hot coffee on the way out spilling it all down you. You jump into the car, shutting the door as you pull out of the drive because you’re already late and do a 360 spin into the car park at work with your coffee cup still intact on the car roof. When things couldn’t get any worse for you, the lift that you would normally take is ‘out of order’ and in need of repairs. The mountain flight of stairs doesn’t appeal to you, but what other choice do you have; you’re already late. Crying out blue murder, you slowly make your up way, cursing at every set of stairs.

Lift engineers don’t half get some stick for carrying out lift maintenance or repair work on a lift. Passers-by give the engineers a look that can kill, as if it’s completely ruined their day. It really isn’t their fault, well at least it shouldn’t be.

Like most things, whether it’s a car or a lift, it will need some maintenance at some point regardless of how advanced it is in technology. At the end of the day, it’s your safety that comes first and just imagine how awful your Monday would be if you were to get stuck in a lift when you’re already late? Bad times!

Elevators Ltd do our best to ensure that our lifts are kept in prime condition and in good working order. This is why we complete lift maintenance and servicing on a regular basis. So, if you are ever late for work and the lift in your building is broken and you have to run numerous amounts of stairs, just think of the great story you can make up for being late…;)