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Renovating with a lift car refit you can revamp your building and improve the passenger experience 

high quality bespoke lift car finish in stainless steel

Elevators Ltd are on hand to help you make the best first impression – Lifts are a space where users need to feel comfortable and relaxed. At Elevators Ltd we specialise in high-quality bespoke lift car finishes bringing that wow factor to a property. A lift car refit can freshen up your whole building. 

With finishes from wood and glass to fabrics, stainless steel, and distressed and patterned metallics. Our expert team will work with you to ensure that design and quality expectations are realised. It is not just your lift interior that can be upgraded. The control panels and the machine room may be due an upgrade. The mechanics may benefit from an overhaul which would extend the life span of your lift.

Our lift car modernisation service contains two major areas of expertise:


It is not only economically shrewd to refresh or upgrade your existing lift interior, it is also an ecological choice. Revamping and renovating your lift not only improves its appearance, but your energy consumption too – helping your company save money and become greener! If you are interested in how a lift revamp, book a site survey, so we can advise you on the options available for your particular type and style of the elevator. We have years of experience working with both architects and interior designers, we have contacts with the craftsmen and fitters that can realise their vision. We may be able to advise on money saving up grades, such as resurfacing your existing lift doors, rather than the expense of replacement. First impressions do count, and together we can improve the appearance and customer experience of your building.


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