Elevators are an amazing contraption that the everyday working individual takes for granted. They take us up between floors, to the top of buildings and make life subconsciously much easier for us. Here at Elevators Ltd, lifts are our speciality and in this blog, we’re going to tell you a couple of mind blowing facts about them…

  • The majority of elevators have mirrors placed on the interior and we never seem to question why they are in there. The team here at Elevators Ltd doubt it was so we could check our hair before a big night out so we had a look into it and discovered their introduction was implemented in order to distract passengers from the journey length. Elevators move a lot slower than we think, especially before they became as advanced as they are now and in the past, many people complained. The mirrors allow the mind to wander, makes the elevator cab feel bigger and as a result, the ride feels faster!


  • Elevators hold a wide variety of hidden uses. For example, in the most modern types of elevators, pressing the wrong button is a mistake we all have or will encounter in our lives. We end up having to ride it out and stop off at the unwanted floor before we make it to our intended destination- however simply double pressing the button or holding it down for a few seconds cancels the elevators trip to that floor!

Now you know a few exciting facts about them, it’s time to enquire about your very own elevator! After all, if you’re looking for the best lift company around, a member of the Elevators Ltd team would be more than happy to help you!