October is well underway and that means one very important thing: before we have chance to blink, Halloween will be here and we’ll have to grow accustomed to the sight of Batman queuing up at the cash machine with the rest of us. Along with the change in the conditions and the inevitably early-sale of mince pies, Halloween has become a staple of British society that many of us look forward to.

So it only seemed right that we took some time to take a look at one of the scariest theme park rides in the world as a way of celebrating the approaching holiday. Based at both Disneyland in Florida and Paris, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has been terrifying its passengers for years now.

The ride is based on the famous television series which ran between 1959 and 1964, which gained worldwide acclaim due to its creative plot and unexpected endings. Well, it’s safe to say that the theme park ride certainly mirrors those attributes with aplomb, and uses an elevator to really scar its passengers.

The Tower of Terror welcomes visitors into its creepy, hotel-themed interior, where spooky bellboys and hotel staff will tell terrifying stories and try to frighten them. From there, it’s a case of edging through the different rooms of the darkened hotel, taking in areas like the lobby, the library and the boiler room.

Visitors must navigate their way through the spooky hotel until they reach the elevator, where they will take a seat and strap themselves in for a truly terrifying ride that they will never forget. Playing on people’s fear of elevators, confined spaces and lack of control, the Tower of Terror then launches its passengers shooting up the elevator shaft.

The elevator sends you flying up 13 floors, where you will witness several eerie sights and ghoulish beings, with all of it culminating towards the moment where passengers are sent hurtling downwards as if the elevator cable has snapped. The lift goes faster and faster, and is made scarier by the sounds of cables snapping and metal clanging all around.

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