It seems to us that finding genuinely uplifting, life affirming, real-life stories can be hard to come by nowadays. The internet is filled with so much negativity that it can become difficult to filter out all of the rubbish to find something that’s actually worth reading, and it’s incredibly rare for us to read something and feel happier for it. Well, we’re here at Elevators Ltd to give you a brief, but true, account of one man’s incredible life and his contribution to the world of lifts.

When someone says the word “elevator”, our mind instantly goes to the mechanics, engineers and architects that have put the lift in place and keep it operational. This is only natural as, in today’s world, these are the staple factors in the field of elevators. However, there is a forgotten practise that has been lost in our world of advancing technology and powerful machines: the practise of a manual elevator operator.

You may have come across an elevator operator somewhere throughout your travels- but it’s fairly unlikely. We aren’t talking about bell boys here either, but only those operators that are paid to simply stand in a lift, wait for someone to get in, and then make it go up or down. Of course, such a practise isn’t really necessary in the modern day, due to the fact that lifts now do it all themselves, but there is one man in Los Angeles who’s still going strong.

Meet Ruben Pardo. He works at the Wilshire Tower building in Los Angeles- an 11 storey building which now houses various creative companies. Within the building is a manual elevator that is over 80 years’ old, and Mr Pardo has just marked his 40th successful year as the elevator’s operator. A film production company have acknowledged the occasion by making a short documentary film about Pardo and his life as an elevator operator.

As for Pardo himself, he is described as an extremely positive man who prides himself on his ability to brighten up anyone’s day. He is constantly talking to passengers that get into his elevator, and has a flawless ability of lining up the elevator car perfectly with the floor. His catchphrase, “ace is the place”, is something that Pardo says at the end of elevator rides- which always gets him either a laugh or a funny look.

Pardo has been commended by the owner of the Wilshire Tower for his service to the building throughout his lifetime- he was awarded a blue leather “executive chair” for his 35th anniversary. Now at 75 years-old, Pardo remains adamant that as long as the elevator is still active within the building, he’ll be right there with it.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we certainly share Pardo’s passion for elevators, and that’s why we offer top quality lift maintenance! For any further information regarding the services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.