To most of us, lifts do little more than provide us with an easier alternative to going up a few flights of stairs. At the simple press of a button, we are taken to the highest floors without the need to break a sweat or strain a hamstring. Even if they can get a little cramped, we all know what lifts are for.

But to one man in Virginia, lifts have proven to be completely life changing. Andrew Reams is a 37-year-old man that has been taking photos and making videos of them for years, and his uplifting passion has turned him into an online superstar.

Boasting almost 30,000 subscribers to his ‘DieselDucy’ YouTube channel, Reams’ top shoot sees him going up and down a glass lift in Virginia- which has clocked up over 600,000 views. There is nothing particularly special about this glass elevator, it certainly doesn’t compare to the one owned by Willy Wonka, but these videos are proving to be incredibly popular within the autistic community.

Reams films himself riding the lifts in hotels, hospitals and office blocks. He goes on Doppler lifts, passenger lifts and platform lifts. It’s an all-consuming obsession that has led to him being interviewed by police on more than one occasion, as he battles on with his mission to create “informative and entertaining videos of elevator riding.”

His channel clocks up almost 1.1 million hits a month, but Reams has still kept his job as a freight conductor. The obsession with lifts is a hobby to him, it just so happens that it’s proven to be an online phenomenon.

But why are they so popular? Reams himself suffers from Asperger syndrome, and it seems that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder find these videos appealing because it’s a multi-sensory experience. The sounds, the lighting and the motion of the lift all combine to create extremely satisfying viewing for this group of people.

Not satisfied with just filming the ride, Reams has also collected various lift components used by lift companies and manufacturers. And he isn’t alone in his fascination with lifts, there are others on YouTube attempting to imitate his success by creating their own videos and channels.

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