For any Star Wars fans out there, you’ll be familiar with our title for this blog and yes it is Star Wars related. Being a leading lift company in London, we regularly do our research into what’s happening within the lift industry and in our home city, and this particular story has taken over the web!

It was just a normal day for the students at Kings College London, going to lectures and visiting the library that is, until these two fellas popped in to play a small prank on the lift users…

The two culprits behind the prank are known as the “JesterLads” and between them; they plotted a joke that involved, “the force” and the “Jedi”. So the unexpected students stepped into the lift as normal, but as the doors were about to close, a small hand movement from one of the JesterLads reopened the door, leaving fellow passengers stunned. Whilst the main guy was claiming it was down to the force, his friend was hiding in the other lift…well we won’t spoilt it for you. You can check out the video below.

All the passengers remained patient apart from one, who threatened to use another form of force! There’s always one who can’t take a practical joke!

The team at Elevators Ltd think it would be as equally amusing if a similar prank was played on lift engineers in London! What do you think? We’re sure they’ll see the funny side to it, whilst completing some lift maintenance work in London.

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