Imagine the elevator doors breaking because of extreme force and sadly, causing a severe accident for one passenger. It really isn’t worth thinking about is it? But unfortunately, this happened over in Boston, America.

The elevator doors of The Fenway Park lift were damaged by extreme force, which caused a woman to fall two floors onto the lift shaft just a few days ago. The fasteners in the lift and the metal back-up safety system that kept the doors in place broke. The extreme force caused the bottom of the doors to open with great force and swung into the elevator shaft, which quickly developed a gap for the passenger to fall through.

The victim fell on top of the lift whilst she was at the fourth floor doorway; the lift came to a halt on the second floor. In a way, this was a lucky escape. The passenger is critically injured and rushed to hospital. The team over at Elevators wish her a speedy recovery.

As a professional lift company, we take great care when it comes to the maintenance of our lifts and the safety of the passengers and the public is our number 1 priority. Unfortunately, situations like this can’t be prevented, but as part of our customer care, we provide regular lift maintenance services and recommend that this is done regularly.

For more information about any of our lift services including lift maintenance, please get in touch with the team over at Elevators Ltd today.