A little exaggeration there; a £20m lift installation would be ridiculous, but a £20m house renovation wouldn’t, right?

May Fair in London is home to some of the UK’s most expensive properties and it is one of the most desirable places to live. However, not all properties have been treated well and one in particular is undergoing a £20m house renovation, including a lift installation.

The 18th century Fixer-Upper on 39 Charles Street is currently worth £50m, but after the renovation has been completed in the mansion, it is said it will be worth £100m! Time to start buying some lottery tickets! The mansion has been left abandoned and unfortunately, in a bit of a state, but it will be turned into one of Britain’s most expensive, yet luxury Fixer-Uppers. The home will include palatial bedroom suites, eight state rooms, a leisure complex, a private cinema, a wine room, an office, mews for staff and guests, a catering kitchen and high security vaults. The master bedroom will have a ‘his and hers’ bathroom and dressing room, covering 2,000 sq/ft. There will also be an 8 person lift installed too, which by the sounds of it, it’s definitely needed! We’re looking forward to seeing it when it’s finished and hearing which lucky billionaire has purchased it.

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