We all know one person who is absolutely petrified at the thought of having to ride an elevator. Whether it be claustrophobia, agoraphobia or simply the whole experience, many people seem to be unconvinced by how safe an elevator actually is. In fact, these people would be shocked to know that riding the elevator is hundreds times safer than riding in a car as 26 people die per year in an elevator related incident where at 26 people die every 5 hours in a motor vehicle accident. If you’re still not convinced, here is exactly what make an elevator safe…

The Cables Do all the Work

In every elevator there are a bunch of steel cables that hold them up and we aren’t just talking about one; we’re talking about 6-8! In fact, each one of these cables are able to hold the elevator alone at full capacity meaning that if the other 7 did happen to snap, you would be more than safe. These steel cables are so strong that it would require some serious damage for them all to break.

The Breaks Slow Down

Another safety mechanism of the modern elevator is their efficient breaking system. If an elevator was to fall and the speed increase, the metal breaks on the side of will grip the car and slow it down to a steady and controlled stop. Not only does this ensure your safety but also your experience of elevators as even in a rare emergency, you are safety transported to a halt.


The counterweights are the third and final piece of elevator safety machinery and it is there to reassure passengers of their wellbeing if the other two mechanisms above were to fail. The counterweights are simply a bunch of weights placed at opposite ends of the cables which are heavier than the empty elevator car but less than if the car were full to capacity. This means that even if the car was to fail and you were the only one in the elevator, it would go up, not down! Plus, a buffer at the top cushions the impact when you reach the top so there is no nasty fall to your doom.

The elevator is a piece of machinery that has gone through hundreds of years’ worth of development and design. It first began as a pully system operated through slave labour and is now a fully functioning piece of mechanical machinery that can transport us 80 floors in less than two minutes. Who would’ve expected that! Here at Elevators Ltd, we are the experts when it comes to all things elevator related which is why know how safe they are to use and how low the risk of a failure is. For more information, speak to the best lift company today!